Monday, May 11, 2009

Juice Diet

Was feeling rough again the other day.. Not sure if it was some kind of tummy bug. Knew I needed to watch my diet and give myself some recovery time. Been feeling crap a lot recently!

I recalled hearing about a guy was cured from his Crohns by switching to a juice diet. He was so pleased with the results he set up a juicer website call UKJuicers.

So I decided to get myself a juicer and give it a go. In the end I went for a Philips number from Amazon. I bought all the fancy ingredients for the recommended potions; bio acidophilus, spirilla, and wheatgrass. It wasn't cheap, but it should last a while.

Near enough everyday I have been having juice for breakfast and I feel great. My Crohns has been really good, despite smoking recently ( I am a mug and have stopped now). Not only does my body seem to agree with the juice, it is also pretty healthy. My muffin top (paunch) seems to be shrinking slightly now I drink this super juicer and walk to work.


MStonewell said...

I'm glad to hear that you're doing well with you Crohn's condition! I have crohn's disease too and drink a mixture of organic juice with "kombucha", a speciailly formulated probiotic drink that gives me kind of a euphoric effect when I drink it. I'm not sure if you can get it where you are. If so, you'd have to check health food stores. You can learn more about it at

Also, have you heard of an elemental diet? I go on an elemental diet about once a year to re-set my gastrointestinal system and flush the unfriendly toxins and bacteria from my system. I then re-populate my gut with high quality friendly bacterial flora (probiotics).

The primary foundation of my elemental diet is a very potent, powdered protein drink called Absorb Plus which is specially formulated for people who suffer from auto-immune disorders like crohn's and Colitis. We need higher levels of quality nutrients and healthy fat's than the average system because or disease depletes nutrients faster than normal.

You can learn about elemental diets at a squidoo lense I created What is an Elemental Diet? .

Also, I highly recommend to anyone who suffers from IBS t o add Absorb Plus and Udo's Oil in to their daily diets. You can check it out at or

Best of success to your health and wellbeing!!

crohnspatient said...

Hey MStonewell..

Many thanks for the info. It all looks like good stuff and sound advice.

I have heard of the elemental diet and think is sounds like a great approach. Personally I can manage my diet quite well now to stay on top of things, but I would certainly go down this route if my condition got worse and would recomend investigating it to others.

Good health to you..

Devid Pul said...

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Crohn's Symptoms

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed for crohn's and I went on exclusive absorbplus for 6 weeks. Now, my symptoms, (pain, bloating, nausea) have reduced and I am slowly reintroducing regular foods one by one. I have a couple of unopened tubs left over that can be bought from ebay:

Good luck.